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December 15, 2019

USCG FSS TTP Chapter 3 Sections A & B

December 1, 2019
TTP Chapter 3 Part 1
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Person in Charge Podcast

November 30, 2019
Person In Charge (PIC)
Updated PIC Podcast #2

The California Retail Food Code (Cal Code) went into effect July 1, 2007. Under Cal Code, permit holders are required to instruct all food employees regarding the relationship between personal hygiene and food safety, including the association of hand contact, personal habits and behaviors and food employee health to foodborne illness. The PIC is the permit holder or a person designated by the permit holder and is defined in Cal Code as, “the individual present at a food facility that is responsible for the operation of the food facility” (Section 113856). Every food facility must have a person in charge (PIC) present at the food facility during all hours of operation. Responsibilities of the PIC:  Must be present in the food facility during all hours of operation and is responsible for the operation of the food facility.  Must demonstrate food safety knowledge – may or may not be a certified food handler.  Must ensure that only persons necessary to the operation of the food facility are allowed in the food preparation, food storage, and warewashing areas.  Must report to Napa County Division of Environmental Health (NCDEH) any employee diagnosed with a reportable illness and excuse employee from work.  Must ensure consumers are aware that clean tableware must be used when returning to any selfservice areas (i.e. salad bars, buffets, etc,).  Must restrict a food employee that is experiencing persistent sneezing, coughing, or runny nose associated with discharges from the eyes, nose, or mouth when these symptoms cannot be controlled by medication.  Food employees must notify the PIC if they have any open, draining wounds or lesions on hands/wrists/exposed arms/ or other parts of the body. The PIC must ensure that the wound or lesion is covered with the required cover/glove. The law requires that any food employee who is experiencing symptoms of acute gastrointestinal illness, or who is infected with a communicable disease that is transmitted

The Health Officer, in consultation with NCDEM, must do the following when notified of an ill employee:  Exclude the employee from the food facility if the employee is diagnosed with one of the reportable illnesses and is symptomatic and is still considered infectious.  Restrict an employee from working with food, clean equipment, utensils, linens, and unwrapped single-service articles, if the employee is diagnosed with one of the reportable illnesses and has no symptoms but may still be considered infectious. Exclusions or restrictions ordered by the Health Officer can only be removed by a written clearance from the Health Officer.

History of Waterborne Disease & Public Health

November 24, 2019
Episode #14

Hydrologic / Water Cycle Podcast

November 17, 2019
Water Cycle Episode #13

Food Safety Study Guide

November 16, 2019

USCG afloat water treatment with Bromine info

July 14, 2019

Ciguatera & Scombroid Pages added

June 1, 2019


U.S. Coast Guard’s “Food Safety and Sanitation” TTP Chapter 2 Podcast

May 7, 2019

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April 25, 2019

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